An Argument for the C&MA Premillennial Position

An Argument for the C&MA Premillennial Position

The Christian & Missionary Alliance, a denomination of which I am a part of, is considering a revision by way of deletion to its Doctrinal Statement of Faith. The revision entails removing the Premillennial position, which would allow those of other Millennial views to serve and hold positions of leadership in our denomination. This might not seem like a big deal particularly in the era where revisionism has grown out of control, but even simple changes in any governing document has far reaching import. It is incumbent upon everyone who will cast a vote to revise this governing document to investigate and be aware of the consequences of such changes.

Thankfully an esteemed and erudite Pastor, Professor, and Author Dr. Bill Giovannetti of Pathway Church in Redding, CA has done a lion’s share of your homework in investigating the issues. You can find this paper below. It is well worth the read in understanding the significance behind the proposed changes of our Doctrinal Statement of Faith.


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